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Coyote is a full-scale, non-asset-based truckload, less-than-truckload, and intermodal service provider that offers transportation and logistics services to more than 12,000 customers across a wide range of industries.

We work with an ever-growing network of 35,000 carriers to ship freight across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Our dedicated team of carrier representatives is organized by region and trained by mode to maximize backhaul opportunities, build strong relationships, and closely track and predict spot market rate fluctuations. When we commit to delivering a load, we move it. No Excuses.

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Smart People

We invest in our people. Every employee goes through rigorous training programs to learn about Coyote, the industry, and our technology before joining specialized teams that focus on providing the highest level of service, dedication, and communication to customers. Coyote’s Carrier Sales team sources capacity for customers’ freight, and the Driver Services team is available 24/7/365 to track freight for safe, on-time delivery.

Proprietary Technology

Coyote’s web-based technology, from to Coyote’s Collaborative Transportation Management (CTM) service to CoyoteGO, offers visibility, communication, and tracking all day, every day, so we know where your freight is at all times. And with full visibility into Coyote’s network, we can better identify carrier capacity and efficiently match our customers’ shipments with the smartest and most efficient mode of transportation.

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Unrivaled Commitment

Brokers would often commit to move loads for a shipper but wouldn’t always follow through, putting stress on shippers’ supply chains. That changed when Coyote entered the brokerage landscape in 2006. If we commit to it, we will get it done. Add to that, our proprietary technology, unique backhaul strategy, and smart people, and you’ve got a 3PL that is nimble, adaptive, and tenacious. Focus on what you do best, and Coyote will handle the rest.

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